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Jodi and Ron are the dynamic duo of fitness training. They help pump up the mood, trim the body and make every day more exciting. Professional, caring and savvy!
Can’t ask for more.

–Larry Kane


I have been doing boxing with Jodi for over two years. It is such a great workout and it reaches those hard to get areas around my middle. I feel so much stronger physically and mentally. I also started personal training with Jodi and saw the greatest impact on my body in only a short time. I have lost 25 pounds to date. For someone I see more than most family members, I consider her not only a great trainer but a close friend.

–Carol Shenk


It all began 10 years ago when I bought a strapless dress for my daughter’s wedding. I have always exercised but stayed away from lifting weights because I didn’t want to injure myself. I needed a Personal Trainer and Jodi was recommended. I told her that my mission was to look good in 5 months for the wedding. Well, 10 years later I look and feel fabulous. My arms look wonderful, my bones are strong and my weight is perfect. Jodi has a strong hand and a gentle touch. She challenges me just enough without causing injury. She is a stickler for my form on every machine that we use and varies my workout so that I don’t get bored. I consider Jodi to be my friend and we solve all of the problems in the world while I’m working out. She is bright and dedicated and I’m thrilled that she came into my life!

–Ellen Simon


My 10-year-old son, Devin, trains with Ron weekly and we could not be happier! Ron has tailored an age appropriate program that significantly improved his strength and coordination. Devin can’t wait to have a training session with Ron each week because he makes it fun. The biggest and most important gain, which I didn’t even think about when he started, is in Devin’s overall confidence!

–Chris Shenk


I’m not sure I would get to the gym at all if it weren’t for Jodi.  I started personal training with her six years ago and she quickly became a very important part of my life!  I feel strong, healthy, and confident, and I look forward to working out!  Jodi loves her work and takes it very seriously…..She is knowledgeable, experienced, and extremely reliable.  I’m totally hooked on her boxing classes as well!!  Boxing with Jodi is an amazing workout, a lot of fun, and I have met some great people.  Ron and Jodi are a great team.  Together, they make an invaluable impact on my life and many others!!

–Valerie Stone


Ronald is the best trainer ever. He is able to transfer his remarkable expertise into challenging, interesting and safe workouts every time. I have been working out with Ronald for over 10 years and I am still amazed at his energy and enthusiasm. After training, I always feel physically and mentally ready to start my day.

–Marilyn Nyman